Total Course Price: 65000 baht


Divers choose to become a RAID Dive Instructor for a variety of reasons. For some, gaining their RAID Instructor qualification is simply about being able to share their passion for diving with others, or as a ticket to dive around Planet Ocean while being paid to do so. For others, it is about achieving a goal to be the best of the best and to get diving's Black Belt. Even others see a RAID Instructor certification as a serious and challenging new career away from more mundane occupations. All these reasons have one thing in common - a rich and rewarding vocation out on the ocean, river or lake and interacting with like-minded people.


What makes RAID the best choice for dive instructor training?

RAID has taken a different approach, and we believe a much better approach, to dive training than other diver training agencies. We believe, and the evidence strongly supports our position, that training standards need to be raised. We believe this begins by making far better instructors. So if you truly want to be the "best of the best" then RAID is the choice for you.


It's not a case of it being a much more difficult path or even a much longer path just in our opinion ensuring you are prepared to take the responsibility of training people to dive safely and be able to work with dive facilities that put the quality of dive training above everything else.

RAID does not believe in going back to the "good old days" when it could take months of training to become a diver but we do believe divers should spend more time perfecting skills in the pool. For example, we believe that something as simple as raising open water training time from just 80 minutes to 120 minutes will make a big difference to diver safety. As a prospective instructor, you know how long should be spent getting a diver comfortable in those first few dives and how invaluable an extra 40 minutes in the water will be to consolidating skills. Especially when buoyancy control and other essential skills can be perfected in the safety of a pool.


As stated it's not so much about difficulty of training but the focus and methodology of training. For example as a RAID instructor your buoyancy control will be exemplary, if it's not now we will train you to ensure it is. The Divers Alert Network (DAN) reports poor buoyancy control is a major and unacceptable risk to diver safety and that is why RAID has put so much focus on this skill and getting it right from the start.


We do require significantly more in-water hours than most other diver training agencies. That is, we require 100 hours compared to 100 dives, because dives can generally average 30 minutes or even less, so it must be about total time underwater. We believe you need this level of experience to be truly confident as a dive instructor.


We base our philosophy on the enormous experience of our team. RAID was founded 8 years ago. A year ago a group of highly qualified and experienced Instructor Trainers recognised the need to improve the quality of dive training and rallied around RAID to bring change to the industry. Check out the list of people on the RAID team, including executives and trainers from the world's largest training agencies.


Pre Requisites:

• To be a minimum of 18 years old.

• Have a diving medical not more than 6 months old signed-off on by a licensed medical practitioner.

• Completed and passed RAID Open Circuit Open Water, Advanced 35, Master Rescue and Instructor Academic Sections Quick Quiz and Exams.

• To be certified as a RAID Divemaster or equivalent certification from a recognised training agency and/or complete, to the satisfaction of the instructor, the minimum in water open circuit Divemaster skills. 

• To have a minimum of 100 logged underwater hours on Open Circuit.

• To submit a RAID Master Rescue certificate, and/or equivalent and/or complete, to the satisfaction of a RAID Instructor Trainer, the in-water skills of the RAID Master Rescue Course.

• Submit a current Rescue Breathing/CPR/BLS Training and Oxygen Provider Instructor certificates. (DAN/equivalent). 

• Documented proof of pre-requisite requirements needed to be presented to the RAID Dive Centre and Instructor Trainer for approval prior to any in-water training.

• Complete an Instructor Development practical programme with a RAID Instructor Trainer or RAID Instructor Examiner.



Instructor Development Program (IDP) candidates must attend all the Instructor Trainer (IT) run academic PowerPoint presentations. These include:

IDP Orientation

Course Structure and Standards

Teaching RAID Courses

Student Administration

Developing Presentations - class, confined and open water

Risk Management

The Business of Diving and RAID

The RAID Instructor Evaluation

Teaching Divemasters

Complete the Risk Management Schedule (RMS) Workshop

Complete at least one dive site briefing using the RAID Dive Site Briefing Slate and integrate the RMS and Dive Evaluation Checklist

Complete the De-Briefing and RAID Counselling Workshop

Complete relevant stamina exercises

Complete the rescue workshop

Complete the online theory training

Complete the Open Circuit Try Dive workshop




Candidates must also:

1. Present and pass at least two academic teaching presentations

2. Present and pass at least three confined water presentations

3. Present and pass at least three open water presentations

• Note: Each in-water presentation will consist of 2 skills

4. Present and pass at least one practical application


For Recreational Open Circuit (OC)

• Pass the OC in-water pro-skill circuit evaluation

• Attend the Nitrox Speciality Instructor Workshop

• Attend the Deep Speciality Instructor Workshop


Instructor Examination (IE)

A RAID Instructor Examination (IE) is a two-day program that evaluates an instructor candidate's teaching presentation abilities, academic knowledge, personal skill level, understanding of the RAID education and quality control system and their attitude and professionalism. 

RAID IEs are highly standardized and totally objective assessments of the candidate's abilities. They are convened only by RAID Examiners which may include RAID International and RAID Regional Office staff. 



Dive professionals who hold an instructor rating from another recognised diver training agency may be eligible to enrol in the RAID Cross Over Program. This program recognizes prior learning (RPL) and past instructor training. By so doing it provides a pathway to become a RAID Instructor without you being required to go back to complete knowledge and skill assessment on skills and knowledge you should have already mastered. 


RAID Cross Over consists of the following:

• Overview of the RAID system 

• RAID Administration

• RAID Instructor level theory overview

• Workshops on the RAID, Try Dive, Deep and Nitrox Programs

• Water skills unique to the RAID system

• The RAID signature buoyancy workshop.


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RAID Open Water Instructor

  • For cancellations we allow for a refund if we are notified at least 24 hours before the trip date. Deposits are non-refundable, except if Pirate Divers cancel a trip due to poor sailing conditions. In these circumstances a reschedule would be requested, we will try to reschedule before 6pm a day before.